Murdoch Oberron

Charismatic young heir to Oberron Industries, Murdoch has proven to be just as ambitious and clever as his late father.


A suave, well dressed halfling, Murdoch is rarely seen in Carrion Hill without his Juju Zombie bodyguard, known only as his “Business Associate.”


Oberron Industries brings nearly one hundred percent of trade through Carrion Hill. Trading the rare metals and ores found in the nearby eternity mines has brought a significant fortune to the sole stock owner of the company, and no small amount of power within the town. After his fathers recent death, Murdoch Oberron rose to power within the company, and has commanded the respect and admiration of many of his fathers previous business associates. Under Murdoch’s leadership, profits are up, the workforce is growing at an unprecedented pace, and Oberron Industries political power within Carrion Hill has grown.

Murdoch Oberron

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